Welcome to CrossPoint

CrossPoint has been a part of the Newport Community for over 20 years. Pastor Steve and Mary Robinson were led by God to plant a church in 1999, what started as New Beginnings Praise and Worship Center is now CrossPoint Church. Their heart was to bring down barriers that separated the people of God based on racial, cultural, and denominational differences. 

Starting in a community center, then on to a former Jewish synagogue, God continued to bless and open doors to minister to the community.  In June 2008, CrossPoint purchased a former Episcopalian Church located at 14 Rhode Island Avenue in Newport and continues to gather and minister to the community from this location. 

Pastor Steve and Mary Robinson pastored the church for over 21 years and built the church through love until his retirement on Oct 25th, 2020. 

On Oct 26th, 2020, Michael Perez became the Senior Pastor of CrossPoint Church and looks forward to continuing leading people to Jesus and making a difference in our community.